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Attaching Offline contacts to a campaign


We need to be able to attach contacts we upload to a campaign in Hubspot.

Let's face it, not many companies are 100% online, we all go to events and attend conferences where we get contacts, or even do hosted paid and are given lists of contacts (who have downloaded our content, not outbound).

Salesforce allows us to attach contacts to a campaign with a workflow, could be an idea.


It would also be useful to be able to attach contacts to a campaign for "deal source" purposes > when we send an MQL to an SDR, they get in touch, and the person forwards them to someone else in th company, so we can also attach that person to the source campaign!


Because I don't have this posisbility, I have created a set of altnerate custom sources to track my marketing activities ROI and it is not fun.


Please find a way of doing this!




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January 16, 2023 03:46 AM

Hi everyone, 


My name is Jenny Mueller and I am the Product Manager of Campaigns since last year.

I have changed the status of this request to 'in Planning', meaning that the team and I are working on a solution for you, available within the next couple of months. Once we have more precise beta launch dates to share, I will post another update in here. In that update, I will also share a link to a survey that enables you sign up for the early beta of the feature so you can provide any feedback. 


If you have any questions in the meantime, please let me know. 


Best regards,

Jenny Mueller 



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I agree.  A campaign is useful for online and offline purposes.


Agree. We create thought leadership in partnership with industry publications and promote it on both our own site and their site. The publication then sends us the list of leads but we have to manually enter each one in our own form to be able to associate it to the campaign. 

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Yes, that would be helpful. Even though, there some other ways to do this, like sending an email to all imported contacts and associate this email to a campaign. I've also created a Hubspot property called campaigns and I match a contact/list with a campaign through this property.

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Currently we collect contact information at tradeshows via a lead capture system that is integrated to Hubspot. 95% of the time these are brand new contacts that are being scanned.


It would be nice if we could attribute these new contacts in the campaign to reflect the true number of new contacts in our tradeshow campaign.   Being able to have some customization here would be ideal as right now some information is very inaccurate.


Is there any update on this? I come from using Salesforce campaigns, where this is core functionality, and was a huge part of my attribution workflow.  

We need to be able to add not just to add offline leads to campaigns, but just leads from certain sources where we may not have a UTM parameter tagged. (Ex: I'd like to create a workflow that says "If Source = Referral" then add to a campaign called referrals) 

It's pretty pathetic that this doesn't exist. Prime example of where Hubspot is oversolving for breadth over depth, and therefore core functionality is way too shallow. 


My understanding is this functionality exists with a Marketing Hub Enterprise license. This being said, I think that this entire thread is a huge indicator that the functionality needs to be a part of the Starter or, at the very least, Professional tier. Most of us have come to HubSpot from Salesforce where this is part of their most basic license.


This functionality does not exist in Enterprise. I can say HubSpot is working on this. I participated in a call with their product team a month or two ago to help give more context on this issue. No idea on how soon this will be addressed though. At Inbound in September, I asked the question and the VP mentioned that by the next Inbound I would probably be happy with the udpates...


@Joshua_McQueen do you have more info on that? I am on Enterprise and don't see a way to do this. 

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Hello Everyone! 

If you need to manually attribute contacts to one of your Hubspot campaigns so that they are included in the campaign metrics you can do so follow the steps listed here


This will not update the 'last referring campaign' contact property but will make sure that the contact contributes to the campaign metrics overall.


@Shay  I've seen some of your posts on other campaign-related threads here. I want to be sure this thread is on your radar as well.


Another year. Another Inbound. Campaigns has still not been overhauled. Last year it was said to be ready by this year. Why am I sticking with the platform when the basics keep getting ignored?


@Court_CDS at this point I'm going to look into using Custom Objects for campaigns. Anyone tried that yet? 


I'm upvoting this idea. It's a gigantic headache for us right now. 



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Totally agree! We get a lot of offline contacts that we would like to add to existing campaigns. Would be great if this were an option, especially in workflows.


Edited comment:

I should have searched before jumping the gun:

This helped me sort out my need:


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We need this yesterday! 🙂 Especially now with all sorts of privacy initiatives by Apple, Google, etc.

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We need this for exactly the reasons everyone else has listed. Can't be hard to implement, surely.

Just adding my voice so hopefully this gets added - come on HubSpot product team, you're at least 10 years behind the curve on campaigns...



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Thought I'd share our workaround for this issue using Zapier. Not quite as easy as just dropping a campaign ID in a Salesforce field, but once it's setup, isn't a huge mount of extra work per import.


Hope it's useful!


Not being able to track offline events is a major headache for us. Hubspot, help us out here please!