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Attaching Offline contacts to a campaign


We need to be able to attach contacts we upload to a campaign in Hubspot.

Let's face it, not many companies are 100% online, we all go to events and attend conferences where we get contacts, or even do hosted paid and are given lists of contacts (who have downloaded our content, not outbound).

Salesforce allows us to attach contacts to a campaign with a workflow, could be an idea.


It would also be useful to be able to attach contacts to a campaign for "deal source" purposes > when we send an MQL to an SDR, they get in touch, and the person forwards them to someone else in th company, so we can also attach that person to the source campaign!


Because I don't have this posisbility, I have created a set of altnerate custom sources to track my marketing activities ROI and it is not fun.


Please find a way of doing this!




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Agree. We create thought leadership in partnership with industry publications and promote it on both our own site and their site. The publication then sends us the list of leads but we have to manually enter each one in our own form to be able to associate it to the campaign. 


Yes, that would be helpful. Even though, there some other ways to do this, like sending an email to all imported contacts and associate this email to a campaign. I've also created a Hubspot property called campaigns and I match a contact/list with a campaign through this property.