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Attaching Offline contacts to a campaign


We need to be able to attach contacts we upload to a campaign in Hubspot.

Let's face it, not many companies are 100% online, we all go to events and attend conferences where we get contacts, or even do hosted paid and are given lists of contacts (who have downloaded our content, not outbound).

Salesforce allows us to attach contacts to a campaign with a workflow, could be an idea.


It would also be useful to be able to attach contacts to a campaign for "deal source" purposes > when we send an MQL to an SDR, they get in touch, and the person forwards them to someone else in th company, so we can also attach that person to the source campaign!


Because I don't have this posisbility, I have created a set of altnerate custom sources to track my marketing activities ROI and it is not fun.


Please find a way of doing this!




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Yes - we need this capability! 


Yes yes yes pretty please!


This is also an issues for us - we do a lot of events and often need to associate offline contacts with a campaign, which also contains e.g. social media posts. 

I saw there are some ways to get around (e.g. importing contacts via a form), which are rather cumbersome. 

After an event, we usually do not send generic email but rather personalised ones directly throught the contact field and there cannot be attached to a campaign.

Please, HubSpot, solve this issue. 


This is also really important for us, specially for tradeshows as some of you mentioned. We need to associate pre-existing contacts with a campaign, as well as adding contacts and lists to a pre-existing campaign. 


We need this, please. There are just so many times we have to add "offline" contacts to Campaigns... I can't track the ROI of certain campaigns at the moment.


Can we have this please?


Why is this not a thing yet!? We need this asap.


I can't believe we still don't have this functionality. We invest so much on trade shows and offline events and then we can't track the campaign on Hubspot. We can't really do anything manually because the list of contacts is way too big and it would take me ages to add all the contacts. 

It would be good to share the idea internally with more users so that it can have more votes. 


I echo what the others are saying here.  There has to be an easy way to associate a list or group of contacts from an offline source event to be able to track and further drip on without having a digital event being the means of tracking.  This happens frequently with trade shows, conferences, fundraisers, and any other live "human interaction" event where business cards are handed out and promised to connect.  How else do we organize such a status quo business process???