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Attach document in sequences

My company often sends invoices, specifications, or finishes of our products via email with an attachment. This changes on a per client basis. We would like to be able to attach documents to a template or sequence in the editing phase right before sending. 



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*only tested on GMAIL

1. create a New Email

2. Upload the image into email via Google Drive ( this stores the email in the cloud - which is critical )

3. Enter some text below or above the image ( dont ask..just do it or it wont work )

4. Copy All the Text and embedded Image(s)

5. Create a new Email and click Sequence

6. Select a Sequence Template

7. Paste the Clipboard content where you want into the email.

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None of the solutions mentioned previously worked for me, but I found a somewhat easy workaround solution. Upload the image to https://imgbb.com/ then copy the HTML code and paste it where you want the image in the sequence. This has worked for me every time and is relatively easy to do in bulk with many images/sequences! 

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Any recent developments? Please advise.