Attach anything other than a URL to a chat - ie image, file, gif, or emoji

Attach anything other than a URL. In some

In some cases, we need to send an attachment, file, gif, pic or emoji

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Hi Guys


Embedded Gifs in messages would be an awesome addition if you can find the bandwidth.

Open to GIF being stored locally myself or you guys offering a GIF store (white label of GIFY like & WhatsApp).


End-use case examples include; giving customer reactions like high fives and happy to help would be awesome 


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Not being able to put GIFs into Hubspot Publishing makes Hubspot less competitive. Hubspot should be the leader, not behind the 8-ball on GIFs.

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100% agree. Hubspot Publishing is still incredibly rudimentary. Social Media has evolved and Hubspot Publishing is cumbersome and lacking critical social media features. Sorry guys, I love you for everything else but we need to up the game here.

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It is a common feature in more other live chat application. Users often want to share screenshot or images with the agent. 



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We do not see the paperclip icon in Messages like we do in the Hubspot  Services email request. to attach files. We would like to have this ability within Messages.

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Yes! This feature would be so useful especially for sending pictures of something or any attachment on the Messages. I have encountered at least a few situations where I needed to send a picture of a product - or the Customer wanted to send me a picture of a product, but we could not do so and had to go the long way round of getting off Messages and sending an email. This makes it really inconvenient and the Messages tool becomes not that useful in a way. 

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File Upload capability would be very beneficial on a chat tool. We have many customers that work out in the field and they want part numbers to quote, most of the time they have a hard time identifying part numbers so we have them send us emails of jpegs. If they were able to do it live on a chat, we could get a quote to them almost instantly and they can place their order. 


This will add great value to the customer experience. This would greatly reduce down time on getting customers their answers almost instantly when it could take normally a day or two.


I used your support chat one evening and Hubspot already has the capability. Flip the switch to us!

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Add the ability to attach screenshots to chat conversations. Currently, if someone needs to provide an image, they end up having to email the image to the person, rather than being able to send it directly to the prospect via the chat. 

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Ben, thanks for posting this for me. A little more information:

  • Our company uses chat conversations for both sales purposes (help with onboarding, etc) and ongoing support

  • Why screenshots? Oftentimes a picture is worth 1000 words. I can mock up a screenshot in under a minute and communicate something to a customer or prospect that would otherwise require them to visit the KB or lots of back and forth chat. For sales, this can be the difference between someone staying on the site and staying engaged or leaving. For customers, it's a much better experience and feels more responsive. Similarly, they can send us screenshots to indicate if something is going on or confusing. Right now, I have to reply separately via email or have my customers send me a separate email with a screenshot. Defeats the purpose of the chat and makes it harder to reference in the future. 

  • I should extrapolate this to also allow attachments, like CSV files. Also helpful in onboarding, especially since our product often involves data imports in order for prospects to successfully convert. Popping over a file via chat is a much easier lift than asking someone I'm already chatting with to now open and send an email.

  • Other companies that use it: Intercom. We left Intercom for the integrated functionality of HubSpot but this feature really makes HubSpot's chat much less valuable.
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It would be useful to have the ability to send attachments such as pdfs and images to prospects and customers chatting in.