Attach anything other than a URL to a chat - ie image, file, gif, or emoji

Attach anything other than a URL. In some

In some cases, we need to send an attachment, file, gif, pic or emoji

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Nothing can be attached at the moment, it is so sad.

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Our customers want the convenience of sending pdfs, docx and images to us while chatting to avoid sending separate emails. Please implement this capability for chatbox.

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They seem to have added this feature 🙂

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They have added some features, however, there is no ability to attach screenshots/images. A workaround is to use the video feature but that does require a bit more effort/time. Alternatively, you could use the documents feature although this is not its intended purpose. 

Status updated to: Delivered
HubSpot Product Team

I'm very pleased to announce we now support sending attachments in chat both from the contact and user!