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Attach anything other than a URL to a chat - ie image, file, gif, or emoji

Attach anything other than a URL. In some

In some cases, we need to send an attachment, file, gif, pic or emoji

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Our company is trying to use HubService as it's primary HelpDesk solution, but were surprised to find out that the Chat Conversation piece doesn't have an option to attach File's or Screenshots. This is a major factor as some customers won't exactly be able to tell you what's going on, but a screenshot can bridge this gap in order to get them a faster resolution. Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.


For chat it is an indispensable function.
Currently it is the function that blocks us in activating the servece Hub.
If customers can not send us screenshots of the problems they encounter, we can not support them


It'd be very useful for our sales staff to be able to send pdf and jpgs in the chat.

HubSpot Produkt-Team
HubSpot Produkt-Team
Status atualizado para: In Planning

I just switched over from Intercom and it was one of the best features was being able to communicate via GIFs and it really allowed us to communicate emotion to our website, something an e-commerce site traditionally doesn't have a lot of.  Can't wait to see this implemented. 


Just want to chime in that we have a need to upload a file in probably 65-70% of chats so this will be a much needed addition.  Include us when the Beta is available please!


When we're trying to complete a sale, and there is a simple, instructional solution to a hold-up, Screen Shots directly in Messages would be incredibly helpful.


This a must! Sending pics and PDFs would solve a lot!


yes, and have native emojii integration in the chat with users Smiley feliz


We would really need to add a "screenshot" image to our LIVE CHAT function quite urgently, we can't even attach it at the moment?  Is that correct?..