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Attach Files to Task



I think it would be a great if youc ould allow users to attach files to tasks during task creation.  Often times, tasks are created for task owners to review documents that it would be very convenient to have attached to the task when the owner receives an email notification or opens the task in HubSpot.




James P.


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I agree with everyone here. We just started usign HubSpot and we are using tasks for internal and tickets for external. There are many occasions where it will be important for us to assign a task and attach the docment to the task. Our sell with HubSpot was the ability to use one system for our needs and not have to use multiple tools so that we can be more productive and efficient.


Thanks for taking the time to read this and looking into adding a way to attach documents to tasks!

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Agreed. Allowing Word, PDF, Excel, and other attachments would allow businesses to be more efficient.  

Hubspot, please create this feature. I was very surprised that this hasn't already been put in place. 

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Here's another workaround that the customer has shared with me that I think could be possibily useful for users who prefer to not use cloud storage. 

You can upload the files into the File Manager within HubSpot and share the URL into the notes of the task. 

This is a needed feature, please look into this. 🙂 


Hi there,


There is a great demand for OFFICE attachments (Word, Excel, Power Point.etc....) to be added as atathcments to a task created.


Please let me know when this can be implemented.


I see that this idea was sent out in 2017 already.


Many thanks.





When can we finally expect a solution? It is really important to be able to add attachments to a task. Request was already made in 2017! It can't be that difficult, can it?


Why is this not a thing? You can add images, just not other attatchments. In addition, allowing a comment thread on a task within a marketing campaign would be epic. 


This would be useful indeed - upvoted.


Estoy totalmente de acuerdo. Tenemos clientes cuyas tareas dependen casi al completo del envío y gestión de documentos internos y sin esta opción se les hace poco útil contratar el pack de hubspot.




I would love to have this feature it would save so much time going back to do the research before you move ahead and perfrom the task.  Is this in the works?  Is it something that we can get as a company depending on our upgrade level.  Would love to learn more.  Efficiency is the key in staying a lean company today.