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Association function

Associating logged calls/emails to other contacts, conpanys and deals used to be very easy. The association function was right there above the infomation. It seems a very poor 'update' that this has now been moved so you have to click a little arror before the option appears. A poor update which is already causing confusion for our users. Is there a specific reason for this change of a function that great as it was? Thanks.

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Hi - I noticed this change as well and it's really annoying that it's at the bottom of email threads. So if multiple emails that aren't related to a deal have been automatically associated, I have to go in to each email, expand the thread, and remove the association so it stops junking up our deals. Sometimes the scrolling takes forever and then you have to do it for each email in the thread.


Agreed! It is terribly inconvenient to have it at the bottom and have to expand the thread to access it. I don't understand why it was moved from where it used to be on the top of the Activities.


@cstaffordlena HS support encouraged me to post about it being moved to the bottom so that the team can see it get traction and understand it is a problem for many users; they had already previously been made aware that it is a "pain point". Here it is if you'd like to upvote it:


Yes, we agree! Associations in general are causing a headache for our company, especially the Sales Team.

We have so many different teams (Design, Customer Service, Sampling....) using tickets/pipelines and so many things are automatically associated - contacts, tickets, deals, people that are cc'd. 

If it was easier to find the Associations in the first place, to deselect boxes, that would be a start.

Ideally for us, all the Associations would be deselected and we opt in to those we want to include.