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Association Function Moved

The Association function used to be at the top of each Activity in the feed on each record. It was recently moved to the bottom of each Activity. It is terribly inconvenient to have it at the bottom and have to expand each Activity thread to access it. It wastes your user's time and creates frustration. Please move it back to the top! 


The HS Team is aware of this "pain point"; please upvote this so they know it's important to their users!


(In the meantime, fellow HS users... Use the "Expand All" feature at the top of the Activity feed to shave a little time off when changing Associations for multiple Activities.)

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Thank you for submitting this idea - we agree!

And thanks also for the Expand All tip!



If you are worried about some people liking it at the top and others liking it at the bottom, why not make it a setting- then people can choose. No need to wait for a bunch of up votes.


I'm constantly having to expand huge email threads, with a half-dozen back-and-forth emails all associated with multiple wrong tickets. Each one needs to be individually opened, scroll to the bottom and find the tiny link. If these were at the top, I could collapse all the emails and quickly find each association link.


Of course that would be less of an issue if threaded replies were handled more intelligently, but I'll take what I can get, and moving the associations link to the top should be easy.


Or....   if there is some workflow advantage of putting it at the bottom...  just put it in both places.