Associating email activity with a ticket

At present it is not automatically possible for emails sent/received to a contact(s) associated with a ticket to be logged on that ticket if sent via Gmail, opposed to internally within Hubspot. Instead it has to be done manually within Hubspot, through editing those emails, which do appear on perhaps the company or deal, and of course contact. 


It is a shame the same logic for attaching an email to a deal, company or contact is not applied to tickets. If the contact is associated with the ticket, then so should any correspondence be. 




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Also within hubspot a conversation can only be associated to a ticket once one replies. It would be a lot better if the email could be associated with a ticket at any time. E.g. by pressing on "More" or by changing the "Create ticket" to "Associate ticket" and let the user choose between new or existing ticket.


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I agree. There´s a lo that could be done with the association function on tickets and conversations. 


In my case I´ve been having trouble when people email me directly about tickets that have been created. 


I tried re sending the email to the centralized inbox inorder to make the association, but this is only possible if you create a new ticket.


¿Does anyone know if there is a way to associate new conversations emails wih existing tickets? 

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Would be very helpful.  We get emails which are referrals from third parties and would like to be able to associate with existing tickets.

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Yes, I don't get why it doesn't associate with every open object associated with the Contact. I have to log, then go to the Contact, find the email, and manually add the association to a Ticket.