Associating deal tasks to contacts and companies


Instead, you should have a option to auto associate with the deal associations when creating a new deal task so that it is captured throughout.


Thank you!

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hi. when I log a Task on a Deal, it wont show on the Contact's timeline unless I specify the association of the Task to the Contact. And when I search for the Contact to do the association, I have to search through all my thousands of contacts. 


It is painful having to search for the contact in the association, and the records shown are not specific to those associated to the deal - so there is a risk you can associate to the wrong contact.


It would be great if you could either choose to have the association always defined, or limit the search so it is relevent to Contacts associated to the Deal. 

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Similarly when in a Deal and you create a new Task, it doesn't auto populate the contact or company.

Contact i can understand if you have multiple contacts associated with that deal - in which case it should select both and the Company should come through as an option.  

If there is only one contact associated wtih that deal - then definitely auto-populate both Contact and Company.



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I totally I agree. Alternatively when starting to search for a contact/company to be associated with a deal task, it could suggest company/contacts already associated with the deal in the first place.

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This should be a no-brainer!  I don't understand why this doesn't happen by default??  Hubspot?? 

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Yes, I totally agree with all the above.


It's become a pain having to search for the customer. Even when you click on the "Add Contatct" it doesn't suggest the associated contact but you have to find it. 


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 Another vote from me. This will be really handy.

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Now that hubspot has done this which is great! Is there a way we can have this as an option? We need deals to just be associated with the deal for some specefic workflows that create task. having multiple records has made it confusing for our billing team. 

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For this reason, I don't put any tasks at a Deal level.   In general, too much garbage auto-associates at a deal level and it is an over-whelming data management task. If my deals were 1 or 2 for $1 million, that is one thing...but that's not the case.  :catsad: