Associating LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Submissions to Hubspot Campaign


We have the LinkedIn Ads/Hubspot intergration configured, but one area for improvement is to develop a way to have LinkedIn Ads lead gen forms to associate Hubspot campaigns the same way that Hubspot forms associate campaigns.


The only way I’ve found to associate our LinkedIn lead gen campaigns to our Hubspot campaigns is through a workflow (associating the Hubspot campaign to a workflow with the LinkedIn lead gen form as a trigger), however these contacts will only appear as “Influenced Contacts” and have no way of being included in the “New Contacts” category within Campaign Analytics even if they are created via the LinkedIn lead gen form.


We are unable to rely on Hubspot campaign reporting until there is a solution in place.

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100% agree with this! I've run into multiple issues associating contacts with HubSpot campaigns. Advertising is one great example - one HubSpot campaign should be able to have multiple advertising campaigns associated with it, so anyone who is created from that specific ad  campaign shows up in the HubSpot Campaign reporting.