Associated Contact and Company required when create a Deal

I'm expecting to make, at least one associated Contact and one Company, required when you a user create a new deal in the system.

I want to avoid deals with no Associated contact or company.


I'm not able to choose Associated Contacts or Associated Companies in the popup below to make them required.



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I've been wondering about the same thing. One step further would be to remove the ability to create a deal from the "Deal" object so as to guide a sales rep to create a deal only from the contact itself, thereby ensuring there is a contact (and its associated properties) attached to every deal.

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I have the same request!!!!

I thought about creating a workflow alert to let the sales people know when there is a deal that was created without a contact and or a company, but I had the same problem, I can't add these properties to the workflow!


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I need this feature too! We need to make sure that we don't have unassociated deals floating around out there. 

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100% for this. It doesn't happen often for us, but when it does, it annoys me to no end. I like the idea of simply removing the ability to create a Deal from scratch instead of from an existing Company page.


Would love to see this implemented sooner than later

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Agreed. I searched around for this and seems this is not possible right now. I also thing this is a requied feature. I can see why it may not be currently a feature though.


Perhaps a setting under Deals can be made available to add the ability to set associated Contacts and or Companies as required when created. And by default this is switched on?


Please advise if anyone has found a way around this? Thanks in advance.

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I agree fully.  We need to be able to require that a Contact or a Company is associated with a Deal or a Ticket once it gets to a certain stage.  This should also benefit Hubspot revenue as this will ensure all Deals/Tickets eventually get a Contact Smiley Happy  Win/Win for everyone!


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So there is a bit of a workaround here.


Deals can be created from a Contact. See below screenshot from the righthand column of a Contact record. When you create a Deal from a Contact, it will pull the Contact name and Company name and associate it with the Deal.


Now, you can still create a new Deal from the Deal object and it will NOT mandate that you include Contacts and Companies associated with that Deal. There is no way to disable the ability for a Deal to be created in this way unfortunately, so you'd need manage reps bahavior until they get used to creating a Deal exclusively from a Contact.


Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 09.01.52.png