Associated Company and Company Name


Why is the "Company Name" field in a Contact just a text box that doesn't link to the actual Company in Hubspot?  The "Associated Company" field will link to the actual Company in Hubspot but the "Company Name" field won't.  Why isn't "Associated Company," an actual field in Contacts that can be edited and added to the Contact's list on the left side of the screen?  In general, it's odd that there are two different fields for the name of a company ("Company Name" and "Associated Company"). 


It would be great to see a single "Company Name" field function similar to SalesForce. There's one field "Company Name," that's entered when creating a Company and when creating a Contact (same field on both the Company and Contact pages), that field links the Company and Contact.  From there they have an additional field in the Company's page that allows you to enter an "Associated Firm" field name if you want to link the company to another firm (like subsidiaries, etc).

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When selecting "Add+" a Contact within a given Company, it would make total sense that the Company field would be auto-filled with the respective Company name. Currently it requires you to re-type the Company name. Seems like a simple fix to help streamline. Thank you!