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I was told by Hubspot Support to post this idea to the forum, it's very annoying that the Associated Companies property on Contacts is not sortable A-Z, can this please be implemented so we don't require to make a duplicate property that can be sorted A-Z.



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We just ran into this issue ourselves. Yes, you can export to Excel and do it, but why not add a filter to this field as well? We need to sort by our companies as well and save views/filters per Account Manager. It would be amazing to sort by Associated Company to get them looking at contacts within the same company while staying within HubSpot.


I agree - all lists of associated objects should be sortable, including alphabetical, or most ideally, providing a way for the user to click/drag associated items so they can be placed in a particular order.  We have defined custom objects that are associated to Deals, and each deal has multiple records of these custom objects associated.  In that case, there is a preferred order of how those objects should be displayed which is not alphabetical.  Ability to sort would be a major improvement.