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Associate tickets with other tickets

Working across multiple teams with multiple goals sometimes one customer project requires multiple tickets. 

As you are able to associate a ticket with a deal, company and contact. It could be nice if you were able to associate tickets with other tickets as well. 

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Could be useful, for example when we have a customer pipeline, and an internal support pipeline (to open tickets to our dev team for example).

Actually, I used a text custom field "internal case id" to link whith another case, but this workaround is not ideal.


This would be great for us as the lack of ability to add properties or types to Tasks is forcing us to move to Tickets as sub-tasks.

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Other CRMs allow you to have parent and child Cases/Tickets, or the ability to create a relationship to demonstrate that one Ticket generated another. This would be a very useful feature to include in HubSpot. For example, we manage different questions and enquiries with Tickets, but for certain categories, we need to create a related Ticket. We find reporting on Tickets very useful, so don't wish to use sub-tasks.


Exactly as Nicholas has said. If you have more than one ticketing pipeline it would be super useful to associate a ticket to one anouther. We use a support pipeline and dev pipeline. I also created a custom property for tracker id as a workaround but it's not intuitive. 


Yes - having a Related Tickets option in the 3rd panel is a fundamental need. Hopefully HubSpot will add this to the dev pipe.


can only second this. We actually have 3 pipelines involved when an order is placed:

  • legal order processing, takes care of DPA and accounting
  • implementation, which manages the rollout, more like a control tower
  • implementation tasks, for the smaller bits required to fulfill the deal

Actually I have no clue how to replace Jira with HubSpot without parent / child relationships among tickets. 


Definitely a needed feature !
We also use workaround custom text fields, but this only works for tasks which are done directly by operators.
When it comes to adding automation, this is very limiting as we can't use a custom text field as trigger / filter in workflows to edit properties of all the related tickets at the same time.


A much needed feature for us, seeing as you cannot simply switch between pipelines for tickets when there is an e-mail! we use up to 4 pipelines!


Definitely need this. We don't want to merge the tickets, we want to say X ticket is related to Y ticket and Y ticket might be related to X ticket and Z ticket. You can add a note saying 'see ticket abc123' but notes get buried in the chatter of everything else on the ticket.


Under Company, there is a section on the right hand side called Relationship Type which shows the Parent/Child relationships.  It would be helpful if this information can be shown on a support ticket as well.


This would be great!!




To have this would be super helpful!


Keeping things tidy on our end is one thing, but we all know that a client that answers a ticket with problem A will randomly throw in references or add info for problem B through Z and whatever other tickets they might have or had floating around. This function allows us to keep a bit more order in the chaos and can prevent the rise of the One Ticket to rule them all and in the darkness bind them ( A ticket with every piece of communication related to 20 different unrelated subjects).

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We have this request from a customer. It would be a very game changing feature. 


Totally back this idea. We have so many use cases for needing the ability to manage and report on the parent/child relationship of tickets. 


Has anyone in this thread found a workaround to this issue?


This is pretty basic functionality that Zendesk does out of the box. If you want to compete with Zendesk then you need things like this.


Totally agree.


We run multiple ticket pipelines for different teams in the business and need the ability to link tickets that are related but different aspects are being worked on by different teams (in different ticket pipelines). For example, customer support needs input from estimations or from technical support.

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This feature is necessary for companies that have multiple departments who manage a client and may need to see related information on the open and related tickets but the support team don't know if there are associated tickets and they may be associated to different people at the company - so linking tickets would allow support teams in a business better visibility and help aid in taking care of customers.


We have just moved from a system that had this feature and is much needed for most of our teams.