Associate tickets with other tickets


Working across multiple teams with multiple goals sometimes one customer project requires multiple tickets. 

As you are able to associate a ticket with a deal, company and contact. It could be nice if you were able to associate tickets with other tickets as well. 

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Could be useful, for example when we have a customer pipeline, and an internal support pipeline (to open tickets to our dev team for example).

Actually, I used a text custom field "internal case id" to link whith another case, but this workaround is not ideal.


This would be great for us as the lack of ability to add properties or types to Tasks is forcing us to move to Tickets as sub-tasks.

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Other CRMs allow you to have parent and child Cases/Tickets, or the ability to create a relationship to demonstrate that one Ticket generated another. This would be a very useful feature to include in HubSpot. For example, we manage different questions and enquiries with Tickets, but for certain categories, we need to create a related Ticket. We find reporting on Tickets very useful, so don't wish to use sub-tasks.


Exactly as Nicholas has said. If you have more than one ticketing pipeline it would be super useful to associate a ticket to one anouther. We use a support pipeline and dev pipeline. I also created a custom property for tracker id as a workaround but it's not intuitive. 


Yes - having a Related Tickets option in the 3rd panel is a fundamental need. Hopefully HubSpot will add this to the dev pipe.