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Associate task to ticket in pipeline automation

The short explanation:

- In ticket pipeline automation we want to be able to create a task for the owner of the ticket, when the ticket moves to a specific step of the pipeline, and then assign the newly created task to the ticket that triggered the automation.


The end goal:

- When a task is completed, it is registered in the activity timeline of the ticket, and updates the "last activity" property of the ticket.


For more context:

We are building our customer support and success rig on Hubspot and have successfully built a lot of automations to help us efficiently deliver great experiences for our customers.

When building the onboarding process and setting up automations, we are using tickets to keep track of the process and how the customers moves through the different stages.


One BIG problem we have stumbled upon, is that we are not able to create tasks and associate them to the onboarding-ticket. This really mess up the tracking and reporting for us, as task completion is not tracked back to the activity on the ticket.


The result is that the ticket seems to be "untouched" and we end up asking the CSMs or Support agents why they have not done anything to move the ticket forward.


Ideally, we want task completions to:

  1. Be able to trigger automations for the ticket.
  2. Update the "Last activity" property for the ticket.

These things are simply not possible when the task cannot be associated with the ticket.

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So I'm just gonna call myself an **bleep** and say that task automation in a ticket pipeline work EXACTLY like this.


In the future I will make sure to test what the result of an automation looks like, before coming on to the community and requesting a feature.

Sorry for messing up the idea-bank for the Hubspot team.


However, I would consider leaving this idea up there, if anyone else does not understand that any task created as part of a pipeline automation is AUTOMATICALLY associated with the ticket that triggers the automation.