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Associate sales activity with marketing campaign

I would like to see a way to associate sales activity (like a logged call/email/meeting) with a marketing campaign. It would be ideal if there was a drop-down with all the marketing campaigns in the sales activity boxes (log call), the same way you can add a campaign for any marketing activity.  We have someone on our team who is dedicated to outbound sales/marketing and this association would be helpful for our reporting and tracking as he contributes to many of our marketing campaigns with "sales activities" like calling and one-to-one emails. 

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Yes, I 100% agree with this idea. For simplicity, I would like to add a sequence to a marketing campaign then all calls/emails sent from that sequence would be added to that campaign. From that, I would like to measure how many meetings were booked from call outreach (we have a call/meeting type as 'Meeting Booked' and 'Meeting Completed' as our measurement). I would also like to measure how many emails were sent for one particular campaign and how many were opened. 


I do this currently with the naming convention of the sequence, but it would be really great to simplify the reporting process so that it's all in one place under the campaign. 


This is a great idea - bring this one to the front of the development projects! 😀


We're new to the whole HubSpot marketing but the possibilities for this are endless. We could tie all calls (outreach/prospecting/telemarketing/business development/lead follow ups by other names) to a specific campaign.


This could tie all of the activity (inbound and outreach) back to specific campaigns, allowing us review the results with the powerful reporting the campaigns function has.


This would be incredibly helpful, especially as part of an email campaign I may wish to respond to a previous email one of us sent


Upvoting this! Our lead gen efforts are measured by meetings booked so it would be great to be able to associate contacts from meetings with direct campaign IDs as the conversion source.



I vote for this ID. I've got exactly the same need !



Support this 110%, we use the meeting booking tool to allow customers to book from a calendar on our website - great convenience for both them and us, but more/better tracking is needed!


I think this is an excellent idea.  I've created workflows with a series of marketing emails followed by sales activities based on the level of engagement in the marketing emails all within a campaign.


I'd love to know to what degree the activities have or have not been completed.