Associate products/show product associations on Company/Contact/Ticket records

Hi I would like to submit for Products not to be associated just to a deal. This information should be able to pull across to the company record, the contact level and then a workflow to tickets could be implemented. 


This would mean that when a customer submits a support ticket then the company or contact record is connected to the ticket...if Products could pull through to the ticket my support team will then know which license the customer subscribes to and then the correct support can be given to the client as the support team will easily be able to view what license the customer has. 

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For reporting purposes, it would be helpful to tie specific products to tickets. We sell over 900 different products, made up of 10+ brands. With this feature we would be able to see common problems with products, whether that's a product defect, better instructions needed, shipping damage, etc. It impossible to justified product change if you can't track how often a problem is happening. 

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The abilty to creat a workflow from the products used within a quote that copy this onto the deal and then to the company. At the moment when looking at a company there is now way to see what products they have signed for.

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Absolutely agree with tara12. We also need this link to see which products relate to conrecte tickets. 

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Yes, this  agreat idea. Alternitately, add the ability to report on the Products by Company, as this is currently not possible.


Thank you

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Lately there were some challenges that we had to deal with. We would like to have an overview of all the products that we sell to our clients, including the amount of hours that they have the contract for. We would like to see this on a company level instead of a contact level.


I did build in the 'products using' feature on the company level but this is not exactly what we would like to see. In this case we cannot add the amount of hours that they take. To make it clear, our clients choose for example different aspects of marketing with a different amount of hours for each aspect. We would like to track the different products including the hours so we can uppsell whenever this is the case.


Our contact at Hubspot recommended to ask for a report feature that will look at products and companies so we can easily see what products are used by a company.

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This is so needed. Come on Hubspot, you have now delivered custom properties into the Products area. Lets now follow this up with the idea displayed above.

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you should add products that have been purchased by the client to the "Company" level and not just deal level.


This way, at a glance, I can see what a company has purchased and how much they paid.

I think it would be fun.  

Anyone else think it would be fun?

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This is a must have! Sometimes during a ticket with a customer, we indetntify that a product needs to be fixed, and that requires a part (like a screen or battery) and would be ideal to have the product part on the ticket as well as the proposal (currently only avaliable for the sales team) so that we can add these parts and send a quote directly to the customer using the ticket.

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Currently it is not possible to link a company and a product, therefore in order for me to accomplish the task, I would need to product 2 reports. The first being for companies and the second being for reports, and I would need to find a way to link the information.


I propose making it possible to link products to particular companies in the system.

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Connect products to tickets would allow to understand if any of the product requires more support than others and take action.

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Being able to associate products with a ticket is necessary because we need to be able to track and identify which products are having problems.


its also useful when determining where to allocate resorces for developing knowledge base articles... no one cares about the product no one ever asks about.

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I don't think I can even use the Products feature effectiely without it being tied to the Company record, since the Sales team and uses Deal records and Account Manager use the Company record and any upsell happening after the deal is signed is tracked on the Company level only  rather than as new deals.

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Yes please.


If I can link products to customers, I can do better up-sales but also make nice reports of my churn and MRR

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Surely this has to be fairly standard functionality? For any support or sales team using Hubspot?

Status updated to: In Planning
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Hey folks - the short answer here is that we're looking into how to solve this problem by having Line Items (i.e. Products that are on a quote/deal) be associated with Orders or Subscriptions, which would then make them associated with Tickets or Contacts or Companies associated with those Orders or Subscriptions. Think of the Order or Subscription like a bridge between the Line Item and the ticket/contact/company. 


No concrete timeline yet, but we're planning.