Associate one contact to multiple companies


Think business consultant or sales broker - We'd like to be able to have one contact associated with multiple companies in Sales CRM.


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Status updated to: In Beta
Apr 28, 2021

Hello all, I apologize for the radio silence on our end. Excited to share the new multiple companies on a contact functionality is now available in private beta.


If you're interested in what's included (and of course you are!), watch this quick overview video created by HubSpot Academy Professor Kyle Jepsen.


While in limited private beta, you will need to ask your HubSpot contact (CSM, Technical Specialist, Onboarding Specialist, etc.) to request access on your behalf. From there, we'll review the request and ungate your portal to the beta. In some cases, we may not be able to ungate you - we'll follow up if that's the case.


We plan to go public with this functionality later this year, so if you don't get access in the beta, this will still be coming your way soon.


Can't wait to hear your feedback!


Mar 15, 2021

Hi all, really appreciate the enthusiasm around this functionality. We can't wait to deliver it.


We are still actively working on supporting multiple companies on a contact - not just within the CRM, but across all parts of the HubSpot platform. Once we are in public beta, I will send out opt-in information.


Thanks for your patience - this stuff may seem straightforward, but being good stewards of your data comes first for us. Nothing is worth more than your trust. Updates to come as soon as possible.

Status updated to: In Planning
Oct 14, 2020

As mentioned in the previous update, we are now in development of updates to the CRM that will make adding multiple companies to a single contact possible. Not making timeline promises in this forum, but as soon as the beta is available, I'll notify this thread.


To those wondering about using Custom Objects for associations - I would recommend against it. Custom Objects are great for the "nouns" of your business (think inventory, shipments, appointments, real estate) but not as good for describing the relationships between things.


We're focused on getting this updated functionality to you soon. Stay tuned for updates.

Sep 8, 2020

Hi there! I'm Jeff, from the HubSpot CRM team.


Thanks so much to everyone who has been a part of the "related companies" beta. You've given a lot of excellent feedback on how this will need to work in order to be rolled out to all.


At this time, we're closing the "related companies" beta so we can prep for an improved version of this functionality, built on a new infrastructure, which is coming in the near-term future.

Because this beta and the "related companies" beta are built differently, enrolling more portals in the "related companies" beta now will make it more difficult to migrate eventually. I appreciate you keeping the comments about your use case for functionality like this coming, and we'll be back soon with more updates and timelines.


For anyone already on the "related companies" beta: no action needed at this time, and you aren't losing any functionality right now. We'll be in touch with migration plans when they are ready.

Jan 21, 2020

Hi all,


We're currently looking into why we're displaying 7 contacts or 7 companies! We hope to have this fixed soon.


The team has been working on deciding how to move forward with the Related Companies feature. While there are no immediate plans for this implementation, we hope in the future to allow multiple relationships between objects (ie a contact can be associated with 5 companies and these would all display on the contact record via the normal "Companies" card), and we'd also like to support custom roles for all relationship types.


Thank you to those who have been making use of this beta and for the feedback you've provided! We will keep you posted as developments occur.

Oct 22, 2019

Thanks @krispag! That's exactly right. From the contact record, you would just need to check the associations of each call to see which office the call is associated with.

Oct 21, 2019

Hi @gelflex-cc , I haven't heard much feedback about this (others, feel free to chime in!), but the feature works using a set of seven defined roles (advisor, board member, contractor, manager, owner, partner, reseller). Via the "Related companies" card that displays on the contact record, you can choose to select a company that the contact is related to and select their role in that company out of the seven listed above. The feature still allows you to keep your businesses separate, but just gives you an easy way to tie a contact with a second company based on their role there. 

Oct 18, 2019

Hi @aminco  - there isn't any communication sent once you're ungated as I'm just manually going through all of the requests each day. You can expect to be ungated around 4PM EDT on the business day that you submitted the form, so your portal is all set. You'll see the additional "Related Companies" card on all contact records in your portal.

Apr 26, 2019

Hi @kevinelite , the limit is 10,000 related companies.

Status updated to: In Beta
Apr 11, 2019

Hi all, thank you for your interest in this feature! Please fill out this form if you would like to be ungated for our "Related Companies" beta feature.


This feature will add a secondary card to your Contact records called "Related Companies". From this card, you can add a related company and choose the contact's role at that company from a pre-set list: Board Member, Contractor, Manager, Owner, Partner, Reseller. These roles cannot be modified at this time.


Please note that this is the extent of the feature at this time - contacts can not be segmented based on their related companies, and the related company and role cannot be imported at this time.

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Indeed it's something essential!


I saw that this was in planning in October 2017. What's the status of the work?

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It has been developed. My only suggestion would be that they use a property for the relationship type that can be modified vs. hard coded relationships. Simply request beta access from your HubSpot account manager. Unsure why they have not yet moved this into production.

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How does one determine who their account manager is?


We have a number of contacts who run several companies or are the primary contact for several companies.


We have this on our account and serves the purpose of connecting multiple outside contacts to one company and visa versa.  I had our HS account manager push it out to our account globally, and it works pretty well.  I can't really say if this will tie all the way back to deals and especially any of the limited reporting, but it does the job.


If you don't know who your account manager is, I would call support.


Whoever is saying on this thread that they already have this feature activated in beta is either completely incorrect or I am not getting correct information when I just asked customer service if this feature exists and they said it doesn't.

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Hi Folks,


Ask your HubSpot rep about this feature. It is available to HubSpot Professional and Enterprise clients. Screen shots attached. 


Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 9.04.58 AM.pngScreen Shot 2019-03-15 at 9.05.13 AM.png


Yes please, this is extremely important for our business. A lot of our contacts are accountants for several companies, and a lot of our big contacts have several companies they represent. Looking forward to it!


Our business advisory firm is DYING for this feature. It would honestly be the best thing since sliced bread and is a big barrier to us transitioning the company over to using the CRM - not just using the marketing tools. 


How can I have access to Beta? Thanks a lot 🙂


This is a really important feature for us to have, the agency model one user with multiple accounts to manage.


Just started to try Hubspot and looking for new CRM for our business. This is one of Major things what we are looking for. Our business case is to work with Real Estate managers who has several real estates to manage. Those real estates have they own business-id's and they are own juridical companies. So cannot be under one management company in CRM. 


Hopefully this feature is coming soon in to Hubspot and i will say then it will be our CRM software.


Running into issues here too for not being able to link 1 contact to multiple companies also. It's making it more difficult to dedupe our contacts. Please add this to your next release!

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I want to understand how this is going to work.


Susie works with NBC, CBS and ABC.  I want to see everything tracked with Susie but I only want to see the company interactions that apply to that company.


I have been adding a code after the last name of the contact for each company to keep track of them. Initially, I thought this was going to be a chore and honestly, when a person needs to be added multiple times, it is. BUT, everything is where it belongs, with the appropriate company.




We deal with the administration of invoices between two companies, where both companies need to be associated with a ticket. Almost all of our tickets involves two companies. If the company that is going to pay the invoice says the invoice is wrong, we need to involve the company that sent the invoice. 


At the same time we have lots of contacts that has a role in several companies. 


Oh, no worries.


As long as you pay hubspot $250+ per month, you can get the feature activated. Apparently, they do not consider this feature crucial for free or starter accounts.


I think they **bleep** the bed on this.

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@jennysowyrda Is this a pro only feature?


No this is no idea in HS.  The folks at HS say they are working on it.  However, we've been on HS for a year and still nothing but a work around that isn't optimal.  


Trust me. I had to dig at them hard, but eventually they admitted the feature is currently working. However, in order to activate it you have to be at pro level or higher. If you are not paying for a pro account, they don't give af.