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Associate one contact to multiple companies

Think business consultant or sales broker - We'd like to be able to have one contact associated with multiple companies in Sales CRM.


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A general timeframe (Year-Quarter) would be great to know, so we can weigh up if we should build out something ad-hoc or wait. Anyone heard any timeframes?

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We are now looking at building custom objects to facilitate this sort of functionality. 


@jsg121 , our use case is that we're using this in conjunction with our volunteer management system. We treat the companies object as organizations (btw that would be a nice naming change Companies -> Organizations). In our case, a volunteer can be associated as a member or employee of several other organizations simultaneously, so this limit of one organization per contact is crippling and just strange unless you guys aren't using a relational database.


We haven't fully committed to Hubspot yet. To @Arran's point so if there's still no timeline by Q1 of next year, we'll have to go to Salesforce, which I'm not keen on for many reasons, but by that point we won't have a choice


This feature would be very helpful for one of my client accounts. Their primary points of contact work across multiple doctor practices. We are in the process of building out their CRM and were considering custom objects, but don't want to muddy things up if a feature like this is available. 

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Would love for this feature to be enabled. Would help in setting up a new client that needs contacts to associated with multiple companies.

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As mentioned in the previous update, we are now in development of updates to the CRM that will make adding multiple companies to a single contact possible. Not making timeline promises in this forum, but as soon as the beta is available, I'll notify this thread.


To those wondering about using Custom Objects for associations - I would recommend against it. Custom Objects are great for the "nouns" of your business (think inventory, shipments, appointments, real estate) but not as good for describing the relationships between things.


We're focused on getting this updated functionality to you soon. Stay tuned for updates.


We have just started with HubSpot giving it a year for evaluation. This feature is crutial to us. Hope to have it enabled very soon🙏🏼


Would love to see this happen soon.






Adding myself to this idea as I want to know when this beta is out... 


This is something we really need. Most of our deals are associated with multiple companies so having related companies would be very helpful! Hope to see it out in a release soon!

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@jeffvincent is there any info about the possible date of the beta? We have multiple clients requesting this functionality, it would be great to let them know when they will be able to use it!


This is something we also need to do. I have reps receiving no activity reports, when in fact there has been activity. It is because there is no ability to assign multiple companies to a common contact. A good example I read below is where someone may run their own business, but also be involved a business group like a Chamber of Commerce. So they really need to be noted on both companies in HS. I also have agency clients that then deal with up to 10 different clients, we want the client to show as a company, and the agency contact to show on each company


This is a high priorty for us. We have numerous situaitons where a contact works with multiple companies and not having the ability to connect the contact to each one is hindering the efficiency of our Sales Team.  An update on the timeline would be greatly appreicated. Thank you!


We are currently in a trial phase for HubSpot but hope to progress company wide soon. This functionality would be crucial to track our contacts associated with new business. Any updates on the current timeline of this project?


A decision maker can be associated with several companies.  This is a must for us to be able to use this as a sales CRM

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Hi there,


Is there any update on when this will be delivered?


We have a client who works with estate agents. There are occasions where contacts have roles at more than one branch, therefore recording this would be great for sales.




This is a must for us.  It is not uncommon for multiple businesses to have the same decision maker.   There are sometimes contacts in one business that supprt another business (e.g. accounting or I.T.).    Currently we are really struggling to integrate HubSpot with our other systems (notably billing) that have these relationships clearly defined.