Associate one contact to multiple companies

Think business consultant or sales broker - We'd like to be able to have one contact associated with multiple companies in Sales CRM.


UPDATE from @JoeMayall: If you would like to be ungated for this beta, please fill out this form


You won't be notified once you've been given access. To check if you have access to this beta, go to a contact record and see if there is a new category called “related companies”.

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I have just signed up to the Beta for this. We often have contacts that are affiliated with various institutions or membership bodies alongside their day jobs, and it would be useful to have a record of this.

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Simply, one person can own multiple businesses & be director of more than one company. I am new to hubspot but surprised, how is this crucial feature missing. It should require urgent attention. 

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Interesting idea, although it's pretty common. Just wonder how this will change the API? I ask because as an integrator that's super important and needs a large dev heads up before this just deployed.

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Hi there, yes, this concept is a no brainer and would support our use of HubSpot by matching the technology to how our client portfolios are structured. It is an essential one for the future.


Please prioritise this one Product team. 

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I would like a role for "Past Company" so I can use this feature to show past company relationships - ex: Joe is now with Company A but was with Company B when he first heard about us. We like seeing this relationship when on the Contact search page. Our current workaround is to keep the old Company B contact in tact but change the title to (Now at Company A) & mark it Unqualified. Then we create a new contact for Joe at Company A.


I would also like a role for "Related Company" because we have some large accounts with various email URLs so it gets messy where they fall. Or at least a way to connect contacts based on parent-child company relationships.


Custom roles would be awesome as new uses for the feature come up!

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We really need this feature! We have lots of contacts who need to be associated with more than one company. Causes a lot of problems when we're trying to use filters. 

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Thanks we have ungated the beta solution a couple of months ago and we are using it extensively.

But we need to be able to add our own custom related roles when adding multiple companies to a contact.

Please also keep updated on progress with this feature.