Associate one contact to multiple companies

Think business consultant or sales broker - We'd like to be able to have one contact associated with multiple companies in Sales CRM.


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Hi @aminco  - there isn't any communication sent once you're ungated as I'm just manually going through all of the requests each day. You can expect to be ungated around 4PM EDT on the business day that you submitted the form, so your portal is all set. You'll see the additional "Related Companies" card on all contact records in your portal.

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@jsg121  I would love to know exactly how this is working. Any feedback?


I am currently using an alternate method for this. Each person has an id number at the end of their last name that corresponds to the business. I am likely to stick with this as each business is separate and I like to know which one I have contacted.

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Hi @gelflex-cc , I haven't heard much feedback about this (others, feel free to chime in!), but the feature works using a set of seven defined roles (advisor, board member, contractor, manager, owner, partner, reseller). Via the "Related companies" card that displays on the contact record, you can choose to select a company that the contact is related to and select their role in that company out of the seven listed above. The feature still allows you to keep your businesses separate, but just gives you an easy way to tie a contact with a second company based on their role there. 

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@jsg121  Thanks for responding. So let's see if I get this. My target is doctors.


Dr Chris is the owner and works between the offices.

office A

office B

office C

office D

Office E


The title for each office is owner.


When I call office A and reach the receptionist, I leave a call record under dr. chris/office a.  next i go to office b and leave a call record under dr chris/officeb.


Now its a week later and I go to Dr Chris contact record. How do I distinguish on the contact record which offices were contacted when?





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Ideally, you have a company record created for each physical location, and a contact record related to each of the respective companies. For every activity, you can choose which company(s), contact(s), and deal(s) to relate an activity to. In the doctor example, you would have company records for Office A, Office B, Office C, Office D, and Office E, and the doctor is related to each of those company records. When you log the call activity, either before or after saving the activity, you would choose the record association. Then, the activity would be visible from all the record timelines the activity is related to.

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Thanks @krispag! That's exactly right. From the contact record, you would just need to check the associations of each call to see which office the call is associated with.

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Add these roles:





and allow us to add and remove roles

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Once again, this property should be FULLY customizable. 

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In our business use case , the multiple companies don't relate to each other so is there a way we can associate multiple unrelated companies to a contact in hubspot ? Also please suggest the APIs required for the same as I wasn't able to see it in any documentation available.

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@jsg121 I just filled out the form.  Looking forward to testing and getting you feedback.


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This is crucial for us. We deal with clinics that have multiple contacts within the same clinic (company) and we sell to them directly or by dropship througt one of our distributors. A lot of time I need to be able to associate some of my contacts to their own company (clinic) and also associate them to the distributors they can also get our products from.

Need this ASAP.


Thank you,


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+1 for this!! we really need this in our current company



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@jsg121 We are working with a client that has this beta active and would love to understand what additional functionality is on the roadmap for this feature and also if there is somewhere specific we can give our feeedback on the feature.


We are specifically wanting the ability to import contacts with multiple associated companies and also have the ability to segment contacts based on the related companies they are asscoiated with. It would also be good to have related company info exposed in the workflow tools. These things are crucial for this feature to be a workign solution for this client.




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This would be great! We could use the company as our partners with our clients acquire services. But every user can uses more than one partner.

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This is so important for us - any time frame yet?

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Hi  @jsg121 , with regard to the beta "Associate one contact to multiple companies": Is the option planned to modify the pre-set seven roles (advisor, board member, contractor, manager, owner, partner, reseller) individually? 


Basically, the option as realized in the beta is already great. If I could modify the roles an name them as we use them in our business, I could use it even better. 


Hope to get some positive feedback on this from you!

Best, Thomas

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@Thomas_BBike I have been asking for this. The contact related role property should be customizable. I also do not understand the logic of a limit to a single directly related contact and multiple indirectly related contacts. Why not just have contacts period, all in one card? Here are all the contacts related to X company record. It is impossible to explain to users that they started with a limit of one contact relationship to one company, and now we have beta, and instead of retooling the database, it was easier to add a new table. It is less than efficient design.

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How's everyone that needs this feature get around this at the moment? Is there another solution that works?

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@GChris I have it in m instances.  Have you requested it get turned on for your hubs

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Hi all,


Is it possible to change the names of the 7 defined roles for related companies?