Associate one contact to multiple companies

Think business consultant or sales broker - We'd like to be able to have one contact associated with multiple companies in Sales CRM.


UPDATE from @jennysowyrda : If you would like to be ungated for this beta, please fill out this form

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This has been developed and has been working in beta for a long time. I am unsure why this has not been moved into the production environment.


It is ridiculous!   Has destroyed data integrity within our SF enviroment.  We have many accounts that share Contacts / emails and this is just not an option with HubSpot (currently).  Have yet to be able to get the HubSpot Selective Sync 'workaround'  working too.  Seems as if the API bypasses all security features in SF, including sharing rules when all else is locked down!

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We need this functionality please. We have many contacts that work in different organisations across general practices, hospitals, part of various community and advisory groups etc.

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Please add this feature, we need it too. We just started to test the free edition and this is almost a NO GO for Hubspot.

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We have a business model where a contact needs to be associated with both their own company but also the distributor responsible for the territory.

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Very interested in this, and would like to have this - crucial for our data integrity.

This is very common for our contacts to be managers are multiple companies.

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We're a B2B using HS for the past year, and need this capability as well. Many of our contacts are tied to different entities that we do business wtih. 

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+ 1 we really need this


agree, much needed functionality 

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Hi, for information 'Related companies' feature does not associate a contact to a company, i.e.: It doesnt replace 'Association' feature. 

Is the feature 'Association of a contact to multiple companies' planned on the roadmap? needs this feature to well track all the engagements of a contact per company. Today we can't. Smiley Happy

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+ 1

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Yes, this would be useful also to manage contacts that have changed companies. 
We deal wit real estate agents and they change a lot. 
Also clients, that could be of use.

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we are claims management company, so one client might have multiple different claims against different airlines.

in our case, it would be useful to have the ability to assign passengers to multiple companies.

to be able to track all claims communications in one place.

and also sort this communication:

- incoming from airlines regarding this person claims and

- communication with client directly with us.

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Has this feature been added yet? Seems like there is a lot of support for it. Personally we need it as well. 

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Hi there, 


possible to relate contacts to companies thru APIs? 



If yes, can someone point me toward the right documentation? 





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Hi Ricardo, 

Please find here the link that helped us!Smiley Happy

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Hi there, 


thanks a ton, but there is nothing about relation!





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We're also working with freelance contacts that are working at different client companies.


Right now it is hard to keep track to who work where.

We've apply to the beta and it looks really promising.


Please push it further to an actual feature

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I need this too please!

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@jsg121 I signed up for the beta a few days ago, but have received no response and can't find anything that would indicate we have the new feature to test. How do we see if we have access to it?