Associate one contact to multiple companies


Think business consultant or sales broker - We'd like to be able to have one contact associated with multiple companies in Sales CRM.


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Loving using this feature in BETA - it would be useful to be able to edit the ROLES for the additional company. 


Alternatively to add an additional field - PREVIOUS COMPANY - as I am using the field to identify the previous company where the contact worked 


This is a real pain point for B2B business as much for Sales as for Marketing Automation.




Is this actually in beta? How can I get this?


I have a deep need to be able to asign multiple companies to one contact's name.

Many of the investors and business owners I deal with own way more than one company.

Would love to see this feature added as soon as possible.


Hi, we are sorry but we do not understand the difference between: 

- "Company" and "Related companies" ;

- "Contact" and "Related contacts".

Could you help us please? Thks 🙂

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I truly wish HubSpot would do away with Related Companies and Related Contacts, and treat them all as a singular relationship...just like deal relationships.


Would be ideal to move towards the following logic:


1. From the Company record, display a single Contacts card that shows all related contact names and their respective relationship to the company viewed.

2. From the Contact record, display a single Companies card that shows all related company names, and the contact's relationship to each respective company.


It is so confusing for our users to differentiate Company vs Related Companies, and Contact vs. Related Contacts.



I agree!

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This is standard in CRM systems. I have a contact who owns multiple companies. We must be able to add two companies for one contact!


This is very limiting.  Needed on so many levels. What happens if one person owns more than one company?

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@jamiefritz I thought I wanted one person and then their multiple companies, but I don't. There may be changes in one company and not another. Each of my companies has an account number which goes at the end of the company name and the end of each contacts last name. For mutual items, they are all tagged but things that only apply to a specific company stays there. 


I can hardly imagine many companies working efficiently with Hubspot CRM without this feature.

In a business environment where more and more people are working for/with multiple companies.

This feature is a MUST HAVE!


We just switched to Hubspot a few weeks ago, we never anticipited this feature not being a CRM functionality. 

Seriously will consider changing again is this is not implemented.  Please hurry Hubspot. 



This is super vital as we work with dentists with some opening up second accounts for other ways of taking payments or they open up multiple practices through a partnership. It would be nice to be able to pair the contacts to multiple accounts without losing anything.


This would be a good feature to support health and medical business where doctors will often work between different locations.  

Some exmaples mighr be a doctor who works for a practice across a number of different clinic locations or a specialist who might work and consult across a number of different practices and clinics 

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Hello, this is absolutely needed.


I see that a lot of people have requested this feature (I would find it useful also), but HubSpot hasn't added it yet (after 2 years!).


In the meantime, what is the suggested workaround?


This is essential to our business.  We deal with people every day who are the POC for multiple locations - sometimes  2, sometimes 5, 20 or even 100+ locations.  We need to be able to associate one contact with multiple companies.  I assumed this was always happening when I clicked "add another contact" at the company level, just as it had in our previous CRM.  It was shocking to me to find out today that every time I've added them to the new company, it removed them from the one they were previously attached to.


Yes, please. In our field (Libraries) and context of part-time jobs, we have contacts that need to be associated to several companies which are not related (no parent/child relationship). I can create several deals but it is not the same as associating a contact to several companies.


Definately need this feature for contacts who work across two organisations - really surprised this feature is still not enabled!


Working with Salons and Barbers this is very important.


I see that it has the beta tag "Current: in Beta" any idea how long has it been in beta, Or when this could finally be released? Any updates would be greatly appreciated


Our current workout is not working for us. I had to create 3 properties on the Company. contact_name, contact_phone, and contact_email This seems to be the only way. Our sales are having to copy-paste emails into email boxes and so on. Very dirty workaround. Creating parent and child companies messes up our service team, Not w workaround that is possible for us 😞


Pls, give us an update on what the status is 🙂


16 pages of requests, gotta make this happen.