Associate one contact to multiple companies

Think business consultant or sales broker - We'd like to be able to have one contact associated with multiple companies in Sales CRM.


UPDATE from @jennysowyrda : If you would like to be ungated for this beta, please fill out this form

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We work with orthopedic surgeons who work at multiple hospitals. We would like the ability to associate the surgeons with all of the hospitals they are affiliated with.
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Essential and logical requirement!

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This has been developed and is currently in BETA testing. Be on the lookout for upcoming release.

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@krispag Can you provide any more detail on functionality? Specifically how information will be shared with the companies? Thanks,

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So, this functionality has been in 'beta' for more than a year. You can request access from your HubSpot rep. Although the functionality is limited (you can't change the labels), it does allow you to see related parties to a 'deal' and note outside consultants to companies and related companies. 

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This would be incredibly helpful - we have many contacts that are attached to mulitple companies, and need to see this association, and store emails accordingly. 


This is a much needed feature and would make our lives so much easier. 


Hope this idea makes it to the top voted 'new feature'. 



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This is a must for us, especially with our smaller customers, they often purchase from us for a couple of different businesses

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We work with smal business owners who often own more than one business or are full-time employed with a different company. The opportunity to associate multiple Companies with the same Contact would improve the way we manage data and we need to have this rolled out.

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Yes please. This will be helpful. Also in the field of consultancies.