Associate incoming emails with records directly from Outlook

We want to have the ability to log our incoming emails to deals (and other records), directly from Outlook. Ideally, we'd like to have an "associate with records" option available for all incoming/ outgoing emails, on the contact information side panel (pictured below).


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Hey there,


this is exactly the feature we're looking for. As an ex-Salesforce company, we miss this feature as it allows us to quickly associate any mails with the relevant objects (deals, accounts, contacts). I would argue that this is a feature every company coming from salesforce (or others) would strongly miss.


A quick mock-up of how it could look like. You search for "Apple" because you have an e-mail you think might be relevant for others working with this company. Once you found the results associated with apple you can click on the blue Mail button to attach the mail you're currently in to the company, account or deals.




Right now, we have to forward the mail including a workaround because the forward doesn't work for non-English clients, to Hubspot and then open the mail in hubspot and add the additional objects (e.g. deal).


Thanks a lot


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After speaking to many customers about this, I can totally see how this would benefit a lot of businesses that are using external email clients with HubSpot. 

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This is an absolute must to add in our Opinion. We need this to manage and log our internal communications about customers. 

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@rick_d : Are there any plans to implement this feature?