Associate form submissions with the company aswell as just the contact


We had an enquiry from our website and it pulled through to Hubspot - it created the company profile and the contact profile. I noticed this morning so checked out the company page but couldn't see any activity and then I went on the contact profile and I could see the activity and see that they had filled in the form on the website etc.


It would be good to associate form submissions with the company activity as well as just the contact - when someone submits a form on our website, I want it to come up in Hubspot on the company page as well as the contact page.


I should think this would be a very simple and quick feature that Hubspot developers could add and would be very useful for the end-user using Hubspot.


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I agree this would be incredibly useful! We use forms to capture webinar sign ups and we would be able to pull reports to see how many people from specific clients attended rather than having to manually search 


YES PUH-LEASE for the love of GAWD make this happen!  This would save me a rediculous amount of time and eleminate some CRM redundancy


I'm spending so much time copying and pasting, then having to reformat because it doesn't paste right.... 

Please, please please make this change!