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Associate existing quote to a different deal

Once a quote has been created, its deal association can no longer changed. For example, if I were to create Quote A, it was originally associated with Deal B. However, we only realized that it was associating to the wrong deal after the quote has been published. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to change the association of Quote A to Deal A at this time and quotes would have to be manually created again. 



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I can't associate a cloned quote with another deal??? This is very frustrating no point in being able to clone really! 


we need this, hubspot! 


I am also interested in this feature, I am sure most people would find it useful


This is standard functionality. Hubspot is all about saving time and energy. What a PITA to have to recreate a new quote instead of moving a copy of an existing quote.

Use Case:

-Existing customer has a previous deal.
-Quote sent, closed won.

Same customer needs a new quote.
-Create a new deal, ideally, you'd copy the existing quote from the previous deal and use it as a template for the next one.
-ROADBLOCK! You can't do it because you can't transfer a quote to a different deal.

Please help. This seems like standard stuff.


Is there any hope for this getting resolved, as it's been sitting here as an "Idea" for over two years?


Disappointed to see that this discussion has been going for 2 years and still no solution has been provided. Adding my request for this feature too, both to move a quote to be associated with a different deal and to be able to clone a quote and associate it with a new deal when you do this

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Any update on this HubSpot?  We have a number of clients asking for this as they send same quotes to multiple customers for project tenders etc.  Also, not sure what the point of cloning a quote is when you can't connect it to a deal?  Is someone able to explain what the intended use case is for this too? Thanks


Hello, definitely supporting this idea. How can we create quote templates and duplicates them if we don't have the option to assign an existing quote to a different deal. We would save so much time with this feature!


Is there any update on this? I have had this problem several times now with sales people creating a quote attached to the wrong deal and we can't fix it. Major problem for our reporting


One of the most needed feature ! 

Hubspot you should make it your priority


Just come across the need to do this myself. Surprised a) that you can't already do this (seems simple, no?) and b) nobody from Hubspot has picked up on this thread.

Agree - we really need this!

Man alive, another basic feature that is missing in HubSpot! We are only 3 months into using this darn platform and Ive not stopped pulling my hair out! By far the worst CRM tool I've ever used! Why have the ability to clone quotes but then you can't associate it with another deal?! Illogical really.


Jumping on the bandwagon here, it's pretty bad that you can't do this.
What's the point of cloning a quote if it stays in the same deal??

Cloning is for templating against other deals.
Right now I have to re-create quotes from scratch every time.

Outrageous 🙂

100% agree. Sometimes a dela has several quotes that may happen together or sometimes the client breaks it into phases where you can clone a quote but cant associate it to a different deal. Seems an obvious capability and is very much needed.

Just to summarize our requirement, which seems to be what most on this thread are asking for as well.


  1. Create a quote for a deal, associate it with that deal
  2. Clone the quote, edit the descriptions and amounts as necessary
  3. Associate the cloned quote with a different deal or use it to create a new deal

Bonus kudos for being able to associate an existing quote with a different deal.


It's been about a year since I last commented on this, and there's still no response from HubSpot.


I'm commenting again so that this Idea has more visibility.

Agreed, cannot believe that something so important for deals in the
pipeline is still not available!

I've commented recently but I'll comment again to join you guys, this is critical for us to use HubSpot as a proper sales tool.


I really can't believe I have to copy and paste details from one quote to the other manually and use a billion snippets to get purchase terms in place.


Literally no one from Hubspot is looking at this thread, I don't get it.


Not having this basic functionality creates a huge headache for users! HubSpot can you please put this as an update for Q1 2024. The fact that nothing has been done about this by now is quite shocking.