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Associate existing quote to a different deal

Once a quote has been created, its deal association can no longer changed. For example, if I were to create Quote A, it was originally associated with Deal B. However, we only realized that it was associating to the wrong deal after the quote has been published. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to change the association of Quote A to Deal A at this time and quotes would have to be manually created again. 



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I can't associate a cloned quote with another deal??? This is very frustrating no point in being able to clone really! 


we need this, hubspot! 


I am also interested in this feature, I am sure most people would find it useful


This is standard functionality. Hubspot is all about saving time and energy. What a PITA to have to recreate a new quote instead of moving a copy of an existing quote.

Use Case:

-Existing customer has a previous deal.
-Quote sent, closed won.

Same customer needs a new quote.
-Create a new deal, ideally, you'd copy the existing quote from the previous deal and use it as a template for the next one.
-ROADBLOCK! You can't do it because you can't transfer a quote to a different deal.

Please help. This seems like standard stuff.


Is there any hope for this getting resolved, as it's been sitting here as an "Idea" for over two years?


Disappointed to see that this discussion has been going for 2 years and still no solution has been provided. Adding my request for this feature too, both to move a quote to be associated with a different deal and to be able to clone a quote and associate it with a new deal when you do this

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Any update on this HubSpot?  We have a number of clients asking for this as they send same quotes to multiple customers for project tenders etc.  Also, not sure what the point of cloning a quote is when you can't connect it to a deal?  Is someone able to explain what the intended use case is for this too? Thanks


Hello, definitely supporting this idea. How can we create quote templates and duplicates them if we don't have the option to assign an existing quote to a different deal. We would save so much time with this feature!


Is there any update on this? I have had this problem several times now with sales people creating a quote attached to the wrong deal and we can't fix it. Major problem for our reporting


One of the most needed feature ! 

Hubspot you should make it your priority