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Associate existing quote to a different deal

Once a quote has been created, its deal association can no longer changed. For example, if I were to create Quote A, it was originally associated with Deal B. However, we only realized that it was associating to the wrong deal after the quote has been published. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to change the association of Quote A to Deal A at this time and quotes would have to be manually created again. 



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Hello, Hubspot moderators and development team, this is a major flaw with the HubSpot Quotes and would make life so much easier for us all 🙂


Can you advise when this coming? 


We've encountered multiple times the need to move a published quotation to a new deal for one reason or another. Would be great if you could associate a quote with a different deal, if needed. Thanks!


This is very much needed



This would be helpful for us as well.


This has been very painful for me as well. I had some automation that took some of my old quotes and put them into new deals and it was a mistake, now I can't fix the association - and I have to recreate quotes that have already been approved. Please let us associate quotes with the correct deals!


Same here. We spend alot of time on quotes and the clone edition is useless if you cannot register to another client. I also had to change the company once and had to make the entire deal all over again. When can this be fixed so one can clone quotes and move the to a new deal?


agree - pls prioritize this feature


Support this idea strongly. 


Yes please escalating the fixing of this.  When we clone a quote we expect to be able to associate it with new contacts and their associated companies.  


Yes please – what's the point of being able to clone a quote when you can't attach it to a different deal? It's odd.

Please make this happen fast!


Can Hubspot @ethankopit  reply on this please? There is a big demand for this feature and not having the posibility of copying ones quotes is a time-thief in a busy day. Please Hubspot - give us an update here. I am sure you are working on this!


Yes that would be very useful. Our goal is to save time by cloning template quotes to be used for different customers and deals.


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We would also like this functionality. After building a very complicated quote we don't want to have to do it when renewal time comes. Give us the opportunity to clone that quote and associate it to the new renewal deal please. 


Yes this is a big problem. Hubspot also recently added the ability to Clone a Quote which was a much needed feature. However, it automatically assigns it to the same deal as the one I cloned so I am no better off as I cannot assign the new (cloned) quote to a new deal. Urgh! Please fix ASAP.


It's an essential function of any sales-related system. For example, I organize trade shows, and most of the quotes consist mainly max five product lines. I often clone the earlier offer, replace the customer information, and send it on.


So I see this bug as more like a sales stopper than a booster : ).


Yes, we experience the same issue and agree this is most frustrating. It should be a basic functionality and really needs to updated. These ongoing issues are really making it difficult for us to retain or invest further.


We need to track PO wise orders and hence disassociating from a deal is an important feature for us to run the business smooth.


I need this please.


Huge huge problem. 


The fact that this basic functionality doesn't exist is an example of HunSpot really not knowing it's own product. I'm sorry to say, but this shows HibSpot have never used the quoting and deals functions properly in a business setting, as if it has you would easily see that it's in fact not usable as business quoting and pipeline tool combined.


Both key modules that Alphalake AI expects and requires from our CRM provider and partner.


Nothing but silence here from HS on this basic quoting/deal tracking capability, which in itself shows HubSpot are not listening to the basic needs of its customers for its product.


Most disappointing, renders the solution totally unworkable.


HubSpot, rolling out the quote template design Beta when this is still so dysfunctional, says you're not aligned to product user experience.


Now, tell me I'm wrong?


Olly Cogan.