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Associate discount to company

We have several types of partner (premium, standard dealers...) which have different discount levels (in %). These discounts are per line item.

It would be very useful to be able to associate a discount % to a specific company and that this is automatically applied to any quote that is generated for this company.


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Hi Fernando,


I am looking for the same for a client of mine. Currently the sales team have to look up which discount applies to every company they quote.


So the HubSpot logic could be:


- Every company has a discount property associated to them (eg company y - 15% discount)

- When a deal/quote is created for company y then always apply 15% to all of their line items.




If quote is for client a then always apply discount 


This would be very helpful. We have global pricing but discount by region and would like to be able to default those discounts to customers without having to manually type it in everytime. 

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OK Guys I've managed to solve this with the help of an amazing HS developer who has made this into an app. It allows you to align a discount to any company or company category.

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Hi @FernandoVW and @KDN519 

I'm based in Denmark. We wrote a Public App to extend HubSpot's Price & Discount functions for @adamlfoster 's customer and are now completing the Beta steps to add it to HubSpot Marketplace. Called HubDoPricer, it's in beta and is working great. Saves hours of sales rep time per month, stops errors at the point of entry and makes it easier to manage multiple price lists & discounts. HubDoPricer applies the correct price and discount on each new line item, per the settings on each Company. It's all managed inside HubSpot and works on any HubSpot edition.

Do you want to join the Beta to try it out? 


Hello @HubDoPete 
We are a Sweden based company that also would like to enrole on this HubDoPricer Beta version to try this out. As we also frequently use company based discount %.

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Hi @C_Brandt 

OK great to hear. Company-based discounts are quite simple to set up in HubDoPricer.

Can we have a call to discuss exactly what you need? If it sounds like an easy fix I can get you started on the beta.

Here is my link to 

My mobile in Denmark is +45 53505159 and email 


Pete Nicholls


Hey HubSpot team and fellow users, I'm wondering if there's a way to automatically apply specific discounts to products in the product library based on the company being quoted. We have unique discount agreements with certain companies, and it would be a game-changer to have this feature. It would significantly reduce errors when our sales team creates quotes. I know it's not a feature yet, but by bringing it up, I hope to emphasize the importance and urgency of having this functionality. It would be a valuable addition to the platform. Looking forward to seeing this feature in the near future!

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Hi @HappyChicken 

HubSpot has no upcoming solution to company-based prices and discounts, so we developed "DoPricer" as a freemium HubSpot app, released last month.

Five manufacturing companies are using DoPricer so far (UK, Europe, US and Australia)

Their reps no longer have to look up customer prices and are also calling it a "game changer" phrase in their feedback & reviews.

It's here on the HubSpot marketplace as a freemium app if you want to give it a try!

Happy to discuss first if you want to have a chat.