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Associate custom object to other objects via workflows

We are working to make hubspot a good system for our marketing events, and the custom object really come in handy here. We have made a custom object called "Events" and associate the contacts, companies and deals related to our different events. This works in small scale because we have to do all association to custom objects manually, but we need the ability to associate custom objects via workflows to make it scalable and truly smart. 


Lets give custom objects the credit it deserves by making it scalable.

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Big upvote to this as well. I also put in a request to allow the association of the Marketing Events object to other objects like deals. We are also going to create a custom object for our events so we can associate them accordingly. But like this post says, the ability to set up workflows to automatically create that association would be HUGE. 


Here is my request to associate Marketing Events with Deals:


An upvote here as well! I'm creating a form and after the form is submitted, I would like a workflow that associates an existing item from the custom object to the contact. Not possible for the moment.


I need this as well.

Has anyone found a workaround yet?


Hi, there is a partial solution, a pay app named Associ8 that permit to associate custom object to contacts... but contacts only. And it is very limited.