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Associate conversations inbox with a company (or deal)

It would be awesome if we could assign a specific conversations inbox to a specific company so that any time we send an email on a job/ticket associated with that company, their email is the default "from" email. We correspond through many different companies so it is crucial to do everything we can to eliminate the possibility of human error (in selecting the wrong "from" address) which can lead to confusion or losing a deal.

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Yes. It would be great if we could make this happen @hubspot 


I agree with this request. many of the emails that come into the inbox are not associated with a company and I would like to tie them to the company after they have arrived. It seems odd that you can associate a company to an email chain from Gmail but not once it is in HubSpot. 


It would be great to be able to updat ecompay section of the conversation within conversation itself without the need to going to the contact and associating contact with company