Associate company with tickets created via workflow

When a ticket is created via a workflow, it is currently not possible to automatically associate this with a company. It can be associated with a contact, but the related company is not  associated with the ticket. It is also not possible to select the company property 'name' - at the moment, we have to manually assocate the company to all of our tickets that are generated via workflows....

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Yes it is very important function for us too. We spend hours on connecting Tickets to Companies.

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absolutely needed! how is this not possible in workflow, possible manually! Now we need to create all the company properties on the deal and pass them from company, to deal, to ticket!

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As a possible work around, are you using any company tokens when you are creating workflows for your ticket creation? I find that I'm having the opposite problem than the other commenters here. I use company tokens in my ticket creation workflow and the company is associating but the contact, if applicable, is not.