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Associate a form submissions with the associated company record

At this time, form submissions are only associated with the contact record.


It would be helpful for sales reps to be able to view all form submissions that have happened for a company within the company record


This would be especially helpful when working large accounts with multiple decision-makers and buyers. 

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It would be a game changer to have forms associate with the company. We are looking to send onboarding forms to our clients and when they return, automatically link back to the company and populate properties.


Where does this issue stand? If I created a file property within company properties and I use it in a form. How do I make sure it is associated with the correct company when the form is submitted?


The contact properties are within the form, but based on what I am reading in all these comments, it wont get linked to the associated company for the contact. Is that correct?

The original post by @NGosz is from 2020, how is this not fixed yet?


This would be a great feature.