Associate a contact to a company via workflows & forms

We would like to be able to assign a Contact to an Associated Company in a Workflow.

I seem to be unable to do this at the moment because we have enabled "Automatically create and associate companies with contacts"?

If we disable this option, we would like be able to control Associated Company field in a workflow?

If not, is it possible assign Associated Company via a form?

We currently have a custom field Agency Name which for certain contacts (coming in from a specific form) should become the Associated Company.

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me too! 

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Here's how we solved this issue for a client.


Problem: Client had an external webhook API that required the "Associated Company" property to be "Known". Auto-Associate Contacts with Companies was Enabled. Contacts with free email addresses ( etc) would not have an Associated Company of course. 


Solution: Created Active List with criteria = "Associated Company" = "Unknown". Created a New Company with a catch-all name and made the Company Domain = custom dummy URL (ex: Created a Contact-based Workflow that had an Enrollment Trigger based on the active list just created. The workflow actions as follows: 1) Clear Contact Property = Website URL; 2) Set Contact Property = Website URL =


This way any Contact that was enrolled in this Workflow will now be Associated with the Catch All Company we created. 


Hope this helps!


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@Rthibodeaux I followed the instructions, but whilst the Website URL property is set, the company assocation is not established.