Associate a contact record to a company based upon phone number match

Currently, you can set HubSpot to automatically link a contact record to company by a email match - the problem being, if you work with franchise organizations, you could potentially link a contact to a company that they don't work for based upon having the same @franchise location email extension. It would be great if you could choose more options to link a contact to a company automatically, including a phone number match, an address match, etc. That way, depending on your webform you create, you could choose the option that best works for you. 

HubSpot updates

And the ability to create a company from the "company name" field on the contact with an options to auto-associate contact and company also!


This is an issue we've come across. We have many customers with multiple locations, so being able to identify with domain and then a second location value(s) or area code would be ideal