Associate a Reply to a Ticket Workflow Email with Ticket

For: for ServiceHub and support issues.

Goal: user centricity

Value: more personalised experience for the user

Examples: Users can respond directly to the automated support email from HubSpot and add additional information for their support requests.  (without additional new tickets being created)


It would be great if users were able to respond to automated support emails and add more information to their support requests.


Currently, you can set up automated emails using workflows (via marketing hub). However, if a user were to respond to a automated message then an additional new ticket is created. It would be good if the feature was directly enabled in ServiceHub and the conversations were threaded. 

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Workflows are great to send notification emails to customers related to tickets (e.g. when they open a ticket, or close a ticket or don't respond for multiple days).


However, when a customer replies to such an email, it doesn't get associated with the ticket, but gets again sent to our conversations inbox. These emails should get associated with the ticket!

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This would be incredibly useful and increase the value of Service Hub to our support team in a huge way.


Right now we can't use workflows that involve communication with a client (which limits their usefulness significantly) with service hub tickets at all because any reply will be captured in the contact record, not the ticket. This means our communication with a client about a single issue is now fragmented and scattered. 


For Service Hub to fully replace our old ticketing system, which is our intent, we need to any workflow that enrolls based on a ticket value to return any replies and meeting notifications into the ticket record.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Thanks for the idea! This is something we're currently exploring how to support. I'll update this thread when I have more details around implementation. 

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We are transitioning onto Service Hub and were dissappointed to find that (unlike our previous help desk solution) Hubspot does not have the ability to send automated email replies in line with email threads that created or are associated with existing tickets.


If we are to use Hubspot's automated Workflow emails to send updates or other correspondence related to customers tickets, we will have to manually merge new tickets that are created when customers respond to these automated emails. This will create additional work for our customer service team, increase the potential for duplication of efforts or for pertient customer communications to be missed and overall offer our customers an inferior customer service experience.


@cambria has there been any progress on when we will see this feature implemented? 

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We need this as well @cambria 

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Yes i would like to see a replay to an email be associated with the ticket directly as an update to the activity. 

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@cambria I would also be interested in an update on this. It would also help if (when using the email > ticket function) a reply email did not generate a new ticket but maybe moves the existing ticket to a different stage in the pipeline. 


Lastly, ideally we would have an option to choose if we wanted to use the Inbox for incoming emails or just tickets. Right now, if you want an email to come in as a ticket, it also comes in through the Inbox. This causes double work, especially when replies are generating completly new tickets.

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This is currently our main issue after moving from another service system to hubspot. Looking forward to a fix,workaround,feature Smiley Happy

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We are currently testing the enterprise version and this is a major downgrade for us. Please make it happen @cambria 

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@cambria any updates on this?