Associate a Deal to a Task in a Workflow

When creating a Task as part of a Workflow it would be useful to be able to associate that task to a Deal.

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This would be nice for us too! 

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Hi all, thanks for the feedback and upvotes! I noticed this request was still outstanding, though this feature has been delivered. Since tasks created through a workflow can be associated with all types of objects (deals, contacts, companies, ticket and/or quotes) I'm marking this request as delivered. Thank you!

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@MeganLegge I've just created a workflow so that when a deal is closed as won, it creates a renewal deal with a close date due in 12 months and then creates a task to remind the deal owner to follow-up with the customer in advance. The task is associated with the old deal rather than the new though, any suggestions on how to resolve?

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Hi @AnnaKellett,

A task created by a workflow is always going to associate to the enrolled object, so in your case, the deal that went through the workflow, as opposed to any deal created by the workflow. To create a task and associate it to your new renewal deal in an automated way, I suggest setting up a secondary workflow into which your renewal deal enrolls upon creation, and create the task there instead. Hope that helps! Please feel free to reach out to our support team 24/7, via the help button in your portal, if  you need assistance implementing this suggestion Smiley Happy

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Totally agreed, my deals have specific stages, but have other items that need to occur at any point during the deal, so a checklist within the deal would be ideal.

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Thank you @MeganLegge that makes sense, sorted now!


Appreciate your quick response 🙂