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Associate a Deal to a Task in a Workflow

When creating a Task as part of a Workflow it would be useful to be able to associate that task to a Deal.

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April 22, 2020 03:53 AM

Hi @AnnaKellett,

A task created by a workflow is always going to associate to the enrolled object, so in your case, the deal that went through the workflow, as opposed to any deal created by the workflow. To create a task and associate it to your new renewal deal in an automated way, I suggest setting up a secondary workflow into which your renewal deal enrolls upon creation, and create the task there instead. Hope that helps! Please feel free to reach out to our support team 24/7, via the help button in your portal, if  you need assistance implementing this suggestion Smiley Happy

April 06, 2020 07:51 AM

Hi all, thanks for the feedback and upvotes! I noticed this request was still outstanding, though this feature has been delivered. Since tasks created through a workflow can be associated with all types of objects (deals, contacts, companies, ticket and/or quotes) I'm marking this request as delivered. Thank you!

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Agreed. We need to be able to add tasks to deals- as it is, the tasks would be duplicated across any contact associated with that deal, and it really diminishes the functionality of workflows that we have to manually add tasks to deals. I would also just generally love to be able to perform workflows on deals (changing properties, moving deal stages, adding tasks).

Also running into this same issue.I can associate workflows to contacts but not the deals, which is super frustrating. I'd love to be able to create a new deal, and for every stage a series of tasks get associated.
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We also create deals and task in a workflow after a contact fills out certain form. But then we have to manually associate the new task with the new deal which are created out of this workflow. would be supernice to have them already connected. 


Would definitely love to see this as well. It's an annoying workaround. Thanks!


I totally thought that they just added this functionality recently, but can't seem to find it. Am I mistaken, is this still on the much needed wishlist? 


Yes, this would be extremely helpful!  This is very much needed!!!

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Posting on behalf of a HubSpot Customer:


One more voice here - we could really use this for our team as well.

Ask: Feature request for HubSpot to make Workflow -> auto-generate task when deal reaches stage -> and auto-associate the task with the deal that triggered the workflow.

Background: We book 75-90 events in a month, and each event needs an inbound/outbound flight, hotel, car rental, onsite contact details, etc.

Ideally, the logistics team would have a task list where they could see a summarized view of what flights, hotels, cars, and contact details they need to complete today (or this week).

Workflows are awesome in that you can trigger a task based on when a deal hits a certain stage (in our case, stage 6 = BOOK TRAVEL). Because "book travel" means 4-6 individual tasks, this means we'd currently have to manually associate a few hundred tasks to individual deals EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

Recap: HubSpot team - by helping us customers auto-associate the task with the relevant deal, workflows would be even MORE awesome!! Please help 😃


This needs to happen for us. We sell condos, and the developer contact is the same for every unit sold...gets confusing.


You'd think this would be an easy fix, given that you trigger tasks from deals via workflows (the relationship exists).


Even if they just added a DEAL TITLE contact token in the workflow, that would help.


I find it suprising that this functionality doesn't exist.


In our sales pipeline we have a need for our Account team to raise a quotation / invoice when a deal reaches a specific stage. We've created a workflow to raise the task but the task has no association to the specific, only the contact or company.


It really limits the usefulness of the system particularly if like us you have multiple deals associated with a contact or company.


Please implement this feature! It eliminates manual work & double work (of having to access the deal & work from there). 


definitely a feature that would make workflows more useful


This would be HUGE for our team, being able to auto assign a task to a new deal would really help us.


I think this is a great opportunity for Hubspot. I know for sure we would use this in my office. 


I agree. This is a much-needed feature that would help a lot! 


This would be great for my team as well! Right now our workflows create tasks for every contact associated to the deal. If the workflow were able to make just one set of tasks on the deal's page that would be incredibly convenient and centralize all deal activity in one place, instead of spread out on individual contacts.


 We went through the same issue. And currently there are 2 options:

Option 1: You create a task with a workflow. In this case the task will be associated with the contact, but not with the deal, when if the deal record is associated with the contact record. However, if the contact is associated with a company, the task will also be associated with the company record). There is currently no way to automatically associate the task with a deal using a workflow. 

Option 2: You can use pipeline automation option to create a task when a deal reaches a specific stage. In this case, the task will be associated with the deal only. There is currently no way to associate the task with a contact record using pipeline automation, even if the deal is associated with a contact.
With this second option though, the sales reps will have to manually associate a contact with the task in order to execute it. It takes only 2 clicks and is mandatory to complete the task. So in that sense, it enforces that your team always associate a contact with the task. 

For now we went for the 2nd option. But let's hope Hubspot develop this pretty basic capability. 

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Yes! We have a workflow that creates a deal and a task for that deal in the same series of steps, but since that task isn't associated to the deal, it's hard to tell which deal it's for without be super specifc about naming the task and the deal identically.



Without this feature, workflows are totally useless. Tasks need to be automatically assigned to deals or how can you track the workflows?


This is common sense rather than a feature request.


Would love an update on this idea from hubspot. I created a workflow triggered when a changes a field on a deal that indicates that a solution consultant must create a blueprint document and attach it to the deal. It’s not something that can happen based on deal stage, unfortunately. However, it’s frustrating that there is no way to associate the task with the deal. It ends up living in a silo. one of the reasons we use crm is to remove silos.




This would definitely be needed!

I mean deal related sales tasks are related to a deal and the contact as well.