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Associate Tickets to Custom Object Records

We need to be able to associate service hub tickets to custom object records within HubSpot. It would be great to have the associations work exactly the way that contacts and tickets are currently associated, including a "tickets" section in the righthand bar on the custom object records. 

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One of the best ideas I've ever heard

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Hi there,


I believe that the association you are referring to is already available, you would just need to modify the schema for your Custom Object.


To add other associations to your custom object, use: POST{objectType}/associations. You can only associate your custom object with standard HubSpot objects (e.g. contact, company, deal, or ticket) or other custom objects.


The kb article below shows that the Custom Object(Contractors in the example) can appear in the right hand side bar in exactly the same way as Deals & Tickets.


This is found in the developer docs here;


And in the below kb article you can see that Custom Objects can sit in the right hand side bar in the same way as Deals & Tickets and you can define what data is previewed here.


I hope this helps

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Hi @ProsperoChris - Thanks! I will take a look into this, although HubSpot support said it was not possible to associate tickets to custom object records at this time. We are also looking to get the associated Tickets section into the right sidebar of the custom object record, not the other way around. 


Hi @AWfromS2 - I can confirm what @ProsperoChris said. We have a custom object that is in use and I am able to link it to the contact, company, and custom object. When I look at a custom object, the tickets are shown on the right hand side of the screen.

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Hello HubSpot community, 

I'm going to mark this idea as delivered, @ProsperoChris' comment above is 100% correct. Custom objects can indeed be associated with tickets using the same mechanics as associating them to any other object. 


- Dylan 

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Has this issue been resolved or is there an ongoing API issue with regards to associating other objects with custom objects?