Associate Tasks with Contacts AND Companies by default



It would be very helpful to automatically have a Task which was created under a Contact also be associated with the Contact's Company.


There are mentions of this on the community forum already for a couple of different reasons. My reason is as follows:


When I create tasks for various contacts, work those tasks, and find that I may have forgotten to disposition/complete all tasks during that process, it would be great to be able to pull up the Company page and view all tasks associated with the company to get a view of which I may have missed.  HubSpot CRM seems to be completely lacking a way to sort tasks by company, both in the above format as well as in on the Tasks pages.


Looking forward to this functionality being implemented.



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Hi HubspotSmiley Happy


When the sales team view their tasks in Sales, they aren't always sure which person is which when there is not a company associated with the contact in the tasks list. They suggested showing the contact and their associated company in Tasks for ease of use.


What do you think?

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It's suprising that the company can be associated to the task when creating, but it's not a default column and you can't add a column for it either.

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Yes.  This is anoying.  I am having to go back in, delete the task associated with the person, then re-enter the task under the company.  I then have to trype in the task description "Call Larry".  Only then can I see at a glance that I have to "Call Larry" at ACME Company.  Otherwise all I see is "Larry" based on the Associated Contact Column I am only given the choice to select.


Please add Associated Company as a column choice to the Task view OR set this as an option in the Global Pref somewhere.




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+1 !!!

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+1 - anyone know a work-around for this?

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This would be fantastic! Especially helpful for the tasks that are created from sequences so we don't have to go back and associated the task to the company as well.