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Associate/Re-Associate Contact to a Ticket via Workflow

Use case: Some of our customers point their Jotform emails to our support team. These emails create a ticket with the associated contact being "".... our team has to manually update the associated contact record to our customer.


It would be great to have a workflow do this, but it is not an option. 

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Hi @BBanks,


Just to make sure, you would like to re-associate the ticket after your team has updated the customer email? While there is no way to associate in Workflows currently in HubSpot, if you have Operations Hub you can custom code a solution for this. Here is a previous thread on that topic that you might find helpful. 


Also just wanted to mention that Insycle can help with this, but in full disclosure, I work there. 


With Insycle, you can associate contacts to tickets in bulk, using any field in your database as a matching field. Then, you can inject Insycle Recipes into workflows to ensure that the re-association is happening automatically after your team is making the manual updates, or even as new data enters your database.  We recently published an in-depth article about this exact topic


Hope that helps!