Associate Projects with companies, contacts, deals


It would be great if Projects in HubSpot could be associated with Companies, Contacts, and Deals. Projects is a nice tool and our organization would like to utilize it more extensively - the major limitation is that it cannot be associated with any objects. Turn Projects into another HubSpot "object"! 

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This is a great request.  We would like to use the project tool, especially as a template for similar projects across accounts, however it has limited value and creates duplicate work if you can't associate it was a company or contact.  We would love to see this improvement as soon as possible.  It could be a valuable tool.  Thanks!


I would love to be able to see separate columns the deal pipeline so that I can see both the company and the contact associated with the deal.  The default seems to be company and I've ended up deleting all the company references to my deals because the contact is the more important field to me.  But being able to see both would be better. 



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We really need this. It would be great to look at a company record and see a Projects object box in the right column and go straight to all project tasks associated with that company/customer. 


Project tasks should also be kept separate from sales tasks in both the company/contact view and in the overall tasks view.