Associate Facebook Lead Ads with Hubspot Campaign

I'd love the ability to tie Facebook Lead Ads to a Hubspot campaign, just like I can with salesforce (one of my workflows does this). Currently, Hubspot won't automatically associate Facebook Lead Ads with a Hubspot campaign because there are no Hubspot assets tied to it (no form, no landing page). This blows up my campaign reporting in HS, because the campaign source for these new contacts shows as "No Value". Worked with support for work-arounds, but couldn't find a way.

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Yes- I agree! I don't have the complete picture of my campaign because I can't tag my Facebook ads to it. HubSpot: can you please make this possible in a future update?

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Yes, we would love to have this capability added to the HubSpot campaigns. 

updated to: Being Reviewed
HubSpot Product Team

Thank you for submitting this feedback! We are currently reviewing this.

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Posting on a customer's behalf: They'd ike to see this feature for LinkedIn Lead Ads too 🙂 

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We need this as well!