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Associate Deals with other Deals

Hi there,

Since our sales process is built around resellers we have 2 different pipelines. One for sales with end customers and one for the contract with the resellers. However, now we would like to know how much sales with end customers a reseller made. Therefor it would be a really nice feature to be able to associate deals from different pipelines with another. 

In my head the feature looks could look the same as how a company is associated with deals. A field on the right side in the deal view.

Or is there another option to do so?

thank you,

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We also have a need to associate a deal with another deal. Our company provides grants to companies, which is a deal on the company record. We also want to tracking follow-on funding to be able to report it as an outcome of that grant, but we are having difficulty determining how to do that when we cannot associate a deal with a deal. 


Same here, we need to associate deals from different pipelines.