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Associate Contact Lists with Campaigns

I would find it really helpful to tag contact lists as belonging to a certain campaign, so cloning the campaign also clones the lists, which are an essential part of the campaign.


Here's the background...


We are running training workshops, using an integrated webinar platform. Each workshop has a complex set of assets, with automation and webinar integration, to manage various aspects:

  • Pre-workshop interest surveys to prioritize topics
    (lists + forms + pages + emails)

  • Announcements with registration links
    (lists+ forms + pages + emails + workflows + webinar integration)

  • Post-registration communications, offers & reminders
    (lists+ forms + pages + emails + workflows)

  • Post-workshop survey, training materials & session video links
    (lists+ forms + pages + emails + workflows + webinar integration)

All of these forms, landing pages, emails, workflows, CTAs, and webinar platform integrations have to work together. Contact lists are the glue that holds this together, providing essential targeting, segmenting and state management. In particular:

  • We will often use different registration and survey forms (and therefore different landing pages) for different contact segments. 

  • Each email needs a contact list that filters contacts based on whether they've registered, whether they're current users of our product, and other criteria.

  • Workflows use list membership as triggers and/or for conditional branching. Lists are composable, reusable, and are well-suited to encapsulate complex query criteria. So we use them to simplify the workflows. 

Bottom line: We think of each workshop event as its own campaign, and the lists are an essential part of the campaign. We want to be able to clone these campaigns, including the lists, for another workshop, another target audience, etc.


We're very happy with the results we've achieved by creating sophisticated campaigns around these workshops. But we're trying to scale it now, and it's very time-consuming and error-prone to manually copy and modify each component in this complex, interdependent set of assets.  Organizing them into a campaign, and being able to clone the campaign, is the first step towards reducing the overhead of running these workshops.


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HubSpot Employee

We're excited to let you know that it is now possible to associate lists with HubSpot campaigns. Have a list of contacts from a recent tradeshow? Upload them to HubSpot and add that list to a campaign. 

To get started with added lists to campaigns, navigate to any new or existing HubSpot campaign. From here, click "Add Assets" at the top right and you'll see "Static Lists" as an option. You can select up to 5 static lists to add to the campaign. Note that a list can be added to multiple campaigns.

After a minute, you'll see your Influenced Contacts and Influenced Deals metrics update to reflect the contacts from your attached lists. Any Closed Won deal in HubSpot that has one of the new contacts associated will roll up into your Influenced Deals and Influenced Revenue metrics. Also note that HubSpot will automatically de-duplicate contacts that may appear in multiple lists you've attached to a particular campaign.


Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks @pweston3 ! That's a really nice addition. 


I would like to keep this issue open, because I'm looking for a solution that allows me to associate Active Lists with a campaign. For my purposes, I don't need the Influenced Contacts and Influenced Deals attributions. I only need this for organizational purposes, so I can manage and ideally clone campaigns. 

HubSpot Employee

Got it! Thanks for that clarification. We'll keep that in consideration.


I agree with @RepreZenTed's idea - our company would also like the ability to associate Active Lists with a campaign. Also - it would be really helpful to have the option to associate more than only 5 lists with the campaign.


This is great! I'd love to be able to associate individual contacts to a campaign, as well.


Me too - I would find it really useful to be able to query campaigns in active lists, not just static lists. Instead I have to update the query for every newly single form that is created.