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Associate Adwords Ads to Campaigns in HubSpot directly from Ads

We would like to be able to associate Adwords campaigns and ads to Campaigns in HubSpot within HubSpot Ads.

Our use case:

A third party creates and manages AdWords campaigns for our customer and the Adwords account is associated in HubSpot. Ads and costs appear in HubSpot Ads now we would like to associate these campaigns, ads and costs to the appropriate Campaign in HubSpot. 


Making tracking URL's with UTM codes is hardly an option because that would mean that for every ad and variation of it an URL must be generated in HS. It would make more sense if campaigns and ads could be associated when they appear in Ads.


This goes for Facebook ads aswell of course 😉


For whom

Campaign managers should be able to associate the ads with their campaigns so they can track the effect and efficiency of the ads and the ROI of the Adwords campaign.

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The ability to create Google Search campaigns in HubSpot and associate them with HubSpot campaigns is currenlty available to Add-On customers. 

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Yes! We've got it enabled. Great feat!


Which Ad-On is required for this?

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That would be "Ads".

Works great to get insights on the results out of Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Facebook Ads.


How can I associate my ad campaigns to hubspot campaigns? We have the Ads Add-on but I can't find the option to enable that connection. 


Anyone have any info how we go ahead nad make this connection. I have ads but don't see a way to tie it to a campaign.



@vivkadbi & @jhodanich have you tried to use Contact-based Workflows to get around this? You can add a Contact to a Workflow based on Ad interactions and then associate the Workflow with a Campaign. It's not a great long term solution, but until Hubspot adds native Ad functionality within the Campaign object it could help you collect some Ad metrics you care about